I’m Tall?

Apparently, I am tall. This story is based on a real-life talk I recall from Korean class last term. The story is clear so I will just provide an English translation with the text and illustrations.

English Translation of page 1:

EighthStorypg1IMtall - 복사본




July 19, 2018

Last term, I took a Korean class that had many women in it. In one lesson, we were talking about adjectives. The teacher had us describe each other using adjectives. The women described me as tall. I was really surprised. A little later, when I told Sunmi the story, she was also surprised.

I don’t consider myself tall. In fact, in school, I was usually the shortest boy in the class. But in this Korean class, I was on the tall side.

EighthStorypage2IMtall - 복사본

English Translation of page 2

When I heard that, I smiled.

Every time I think of it, I smile.

Am I really tall?

That depends on your perspective.

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