Internalizing Structure & Words

4thpoemMarch22nd2018 - 복사본

This was one of the first Korean illustrated poems I did in my notebook to internalize learning. At first, I had trouble writing the simple past tense. Although I could say it and recognize it, I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. Then I thought of trying to recall a real experience using a simple verb. I remembered walking outside the day earlier and enjoying all the spring leaves so I decided to use the verb ‘to see’ or ‘보댜 (boda)’ along with a term I had seen in a textbook meaning ‘as many as’ or ‘나(na).   By looking at the characters, even if you don’t understand Korean, you can probably point out the past tense of the verb ‘see’ as well as the term ‘as many as’.

Here is an English translation of the entire poem:


Yesterday I walked outside
I saw many leaves
I saw really many leaves
I saw as many as 100

I saw some in the trees
I saw some on the ground
I saw as many as 100

This short poem contains many elements of language learning. First of all, it is personalized, meaning it is something of my own creation. This makes it both meaningful and memorable for me. Secondly, it has images that also facilitate improved memory.  Finally, there is a lot of repetition which is very, very important when learning a language or anything. How many times have you heard a teacher say, ‘Do it again?’. I will discuss this in more detail in future blog posts.

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