Names of Objects


Have I mentioned before that the real world is a great source of vocabulary? I’m sure I have and I will, without a doubt, state it over and over and over and over as it is extremely important when learning languages and other subject. The real world is the key to learning.

The attached image shows an activity I did on April 2 of this year. I wanted to learn the names of kitchen objects because, by doing so, I knew I would have the chance to learn a lot of descriptive language such as the material objects are made of and their shapes.

Where did I go for such a task? I went to the nearest Daiso Korea Seongnam. Daiso Japan, of course, is a big Japan-based bargain franchise with many branches here in S.Korea.

This page shows the first half of the activity. I walked throughout the aisles and wrote down the names of as many objects.  Of course, I also picked each object up and held it in my hands for a bit. I was able to determine easily the name of many objects simply by looking at them. Some objects were the same, but perhaps different shapes. For examples, once I learned the term for a square storage container, I immediately recognized the name for a round one so there was no need to check a dictionary a second time. Some objects also had names in English as well as Japanese and Korean.


The page below shows the second half of the activity.  Basically, I selected some new terms and drew picture labels to help me remember the terms.  If you look at this page, you can probably determine that ‘chubang janggap’ (주방 장갑) is the Korean equivalent of ‘cooking gloves’. Similarly, a funnel is ‘ggaltaeki’ (깔대기).FirstPostDiasoKitchenItemsThis learning strategy can be applied to other themes as well. I have tried it with a few different themes and will post them later.

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