Learning by Observing

Here is an example of learning from the actual environment. I had a assignment in which I had to use the Korean phrase ‘myeonsa’ (면서) which basically translates as ‘while’ and is used to describe two actions happening simultaneously.

59thPoemJune9th2018 - 복사본

What am I looking at now?

A woman is walking while carrying a baby.
A man is drinking coffee while talking to a woman.
A woman is talking on her cellphone while walking.
A cook is smoking while talking on his cellphone.
A man is watering flowers while listening to music.
A boy is playing computer games while talking to his grandfather.
A teen boy is riding a skateboard while drinking Coca Cola.
An old woman is scrubbing the floor while listening to music.
A woman is looking intensely at a painting while drinking tea.

Did I make any mistakes? Yes, my teacher informed me that for the very first sentences, the clauses should be reversed to read : A woman is carrying a baby while walking.  Yes, I erred. An no, I’m not upset about it because if I hadn’t even tried to write the sentence in the first place, I would not have made the error and would not have learned from it.


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